Ion Sources

Phoenix has demonstrated highly reliable operation of its ion sources for over ten thousand hours between several different generations. These sources can operate with a wide range of gases, but have historically been operated primarily with hydrogen or deuterium. Beam currents in excess of 90 mA of deuterium (equivalent to 125 mA of hydrogen) have been demonstrated.

_W3V4978_ion source full view copy2.jpg

Microwave Ion Source

At the front end of our neutron generators, Phoenix has developed a very high current microwave ion source (MWS). Many iterations of the MWS have been built at national labs, universities and private companies over the last two decades. Phoenix has perfected a commercial-grade version of this technology with unprecedented beam current, reliability and lifetime performance.


Accelerator and Ion Source Components

Phoenix designs and builds in-house components for particle accelerators. Standard product lines include magnetic solenoids and dipoles and electrostatic quadrupoles, sextupoles, and octopoles. Custom solutions are also available.  Please call us for more details.



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